Friday, May 16, 2014

Art Car Parade

In my challenge to myself to show how cool Houston is as a city, I present to you one of the coolest events (in my opinion) that Houston has: the Art Car Parade.  The annual Art Car Parade is the highlight of a 3-day celebration of art and cars.  It is a weird but really cool event.  There is an art car museum in the Heights area where they house some of these crazy cars year-round and anyone can go and check them out for free.  This year's parade was last Saturday and was the 27th annual one.  People from all over North America bring their cool cars to show off - and Houston has become the art car capital of the world.

Anyone with a car or anything with a set of wheels, including bikes and scooters, etc, can enter the parade.  It is really neat to see what creativity people have.  I was going to try to narrow down these photos to about a dozen, but there were too many unique and interesting cars, so I apologize for how many pics there are in this post, but they are all worth checking out.  :)  Also, if you are looking at this from an email, be sure to check it out online to see the videos.

Some cars showed a lot of thought in the design.

Opera singer!

Others looked like they just threw a bunch of crap on the cars, haha

There were over 1000 tennis balls on this truck

There were lots of modified bikes and even wheel barrows!

Outhouse cars, hehe

All of them were unique and interesting!

Crazy Cat Lady Car ;)

Fred Flintstone!


This spider car is so freaky

Sock Monkey car

The zebra crew had a whole entourage!

The Idaho Potato truck made an appearance - it was huge!

Veggie mobile with human broccoli and lettuce, lol

Redneck car

Remember School House Rock?!

These bikes held a swing!

This car had a mini halfpipe in the back for skateboarders

Scary T-Rex

Even some city garbage trucks got in on the action!

These next couple were creepy - check out the videos to see just how freaky they looked in action.

The beer mosaic was made with beer bottle caps

Redneck Barbie Boat, haha

I hope you enjoyed checking out all the cool art cars from the parade!  Houston truly is a unique city. :)


  1. What a cool Parade! So many creative ideas! I love the one with the tiny car that is towing the big shopping trolley! :D
    I'm looking at going on holiday to North America this year and these pictures got me really exciting about seeing all the neat stuff you guys have over there! Houston sounds great! xx

    Brit bakes // Food, nutrition, lifestyle blog

  2. omg this is the first time i'd seen anything like this! super cool designs and this is such a creative event!
    Check out my latest posts on the Blog :)
    AL xx

  3. What an amazing parade! Probably the coolest one I have ever seen! I wish I could see it in person to really appreciate the creative designs!