Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rain Rain, Go Away

After about a week of nice weather, we were hit by an extreme cold front!  It was about 60 when we started taking these pictures and then it was down to the 30's an hour later!  Crazy, right?  It has been raining and with it being so cold, there is a chance of freezing rain.  I wish it would get cold enough for snow.  I don't want to deal with ice but I would like to see some white stuff falling from the sky.  All you guys up north need to send it down here! :)

It was a miracle to get my hair to cooperate once the wind started to pick up!  

What I'm Wearing
Top ~ Limited (short sleeve version here)
Jeans ~ Kohl's (similar here and here)
Boots ~ Steve Madden (similar)
Necklace ~ Etsy (similar and on sale!)
Bracelets ~ Limited, Guess, Etsy (similar options here, here, and here)
Umbrella ~ Target (similar)

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  1. I really like the pink and blue colors together.