Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Bluebonnet season is in full bloom here in Texas and I decided to take advantage and get some pictures with the gorgeous wildflowers.  They seem to grow everywhere, small patches here and there, along freeways and roads, parks and yards, but out in the hill country you can find entire fields of blue.  It's breathtakingly beautiful.  Bluebonnets are only around for about 6 weeks, with the peak lasting about 2 weeks, so you have to pay attention and be ready to go if you want pictures with lots of them.  It was really neat to learn about bluebonnets when I first moved to Texas almost 8 years ago and it's become an annual tradition to get pictures with the flowers.  Funny story - when I first moved here, I got the flowers mixed up with the ever popular Bluebell ice cream and called them bluebells (seems legit, right?).  My husband still loves to give me a hard time about that. :)

Even the dogs love getting their pictures taken with the flowers.  How sweet are those faces?

I hope you enjoyed seeing a slice of Texas heaven!

By the way, many times people will squat in the flowers when taking pictures, so as not to damage them.  Someone decided to make fun of that pose by adding a little something extra to those pictures... it's hilariously wrong.  Check it out and be prepared to laugh!

What I'm Wearing
Dress ~ Maude (from a local boutique), similar
Belt ~ WHBM
Shoes ~ Steve Madden, similar
Necklace ~ Express, similar
Bracelet ~ Express, pretty option here
Earrings ~ ? (cute pair here for under $6!)

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  1. These pictures are so absolutely stunning! You look so terrific in this outfit too, and the new hair really suits you :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm really liking my new haircut. :)

  2. Love the way these pictures turned out!

    1. Thanks girl! I have some good ones of you guys that I need to send you. :)