Wednesday, July 30, 2014

15 Week Update

I hit 15 weeks yesterday!  I can't believe how fast this going.  We will be able to find out the gender in only a few more weeks!

I forgot to mention in my first post that during the first trimester I couldn't stand the thought of eggs, which was sad because I would eat that for breakfast almost every day.  I could eat them if they were already prepared, but the idea of making them myself just didn't sound appetizing.  Well, that doesn't seem to be an issue anymore!  I made some over the weekend and they were delicious.  It's nice to have that option back for breakfast. :)

I have been feeling like I have my energy back too.  I've heard the second trimester is the best time during pregnancy, so I hope this continues for the next couple of months.

My jeans are starting to get tighter so I don't think I have too much longer until I have to start using the band thing that lets you extend the time you can wear your normal pants (by allowing you to wear them unbuttoned).  I have to start looking into that!  Gosh, there are so many new and weird pregnancy things that I still need to learn about. :)

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