Monday, September 1, 2014

Sporty Fun

It's no surprise to most of you that I love sports - I talk about it here on the blog on occasion. While many times I will wear a jersey or sports themed t-shirt when watching a sports game at home or going to see one live, it's also fun to sometimes dress up in a sporty manner.  It can be a fun challenge to marry fashion with a sporty look. Those blinged out shirts/jerseys/hats are a good start (they are especially fun to do yourself), but I am taking this one step further.  I am going to create an outfit that you may not guess has a sporty purpose until the final addition of the baseball cap.

I know baseball season is coming to a close and playoffs start in less than a month, but that is the sport I'm showing this example for.  I'm doing an outfit based around my home team of the Houston Astros (even tho they didn't have the best season and aren't making it to the postseason; I have to root for the home team, ya know? :)  I selected this simple cap as my outfit inspiration.  (Link here)

It's simple, cute and has the Astros recognizable logo. I wanted to play up the orange and navy (which is a fun color combo!) and incorporate some white and then finish it up with some gold jewelry to give it that glam factor. Here is the outfit I came up with.

Orange peplum top - I selected this for its versatile look of flirty and feminine with a touch of sporty. 
Navy bow belt - I added a belt for a stylish factor and to give it another pop of navy.
White shorts and polka dot sneakers - These contribute to the sporty look we are going for.
Jewelry - The necklace, bracelet and earrings round out the overall look to give it more fashion appeal.  

Without the baseball cap you could look like you're going out on a date or to hang with friends. Add the baseball cap and it's an easy transition to the baseball stadium. 

What do you think?  Do you like this idea of adding more fashion to the sports world?  Would you like to see more like this on the blog?  Let me know!

By the way, has a great selection of baseball caps (check them out here) and tons of other sports apparel. With baseball playoffs coming up, you should get your fave team's hat to wear when you cheer them on!  Or a new football cap for the start of the new season! :) 

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