Friday, August 22, 2014

Week 18 Update

Holy cow, I can't believe I'm over 18 weeks already!  I'll be halfway there in less than 2 weeks.  Insane to think about!  We scheduled the gender ultrasound for the second week of September, so we will have that exciting news to share in just a few weeks! :)

I was planning on wearing a cute outfit for this pic, but after we got home from Marty's volleyball game (which I ended up playing with them at the end), I didn't feel like changing.  And this outfit really shows just how big my bump is getting.  Sometimes I feel like regular clothes appear to minimize my bump (not that I'm complaining).  It's all out there here in these athletic clothes though, haha.  I did mention in my last post that the baby is currently doubling in size and so I'm not too surprised that my belly seems to be doing the same!

One weird thing that I was not expecting ~ my stomach feels hard!  I thought it would be kind of squishy, haha.  Also, it seems the pregnancy hormones wanted to mess with my skin again.  The nice clear skin that I had last week is broken out again. :(  Hopefully it is only temporary!

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  1. You look Gorgeous Erika. I'm all for comfy clothes (I wear sweatpants all weekend usually) so I can't judge.

    And I'm not pregnant or anything but a few years ago, I started getting acne when I had never had it before. Getting older sucks. haha.

    1. Thanks Nout! :) The same thing happened to me once I hit my late 20's... my skin started getting worse and it makes no sense to me! I thought our teenage years were supposed to be the worst. You are right, getting older sucks! lol