Friday, August 29, 2014

Week 19 Update

Eek! I'm less than a week from halfway there!  It doesn't even seem real.  I wore this dress the other day to work (probably for the last time for awhile from the way it fit, haha) and I couldn't believe the difference from when I wore it at 8 weeks.  The front may not look too different, but from the side it definitely is!

My stomach just keeps growing and growing.  I haven't felt the baby move much this week so I take my bigger belly as a good sign.  I had to deal with some lower back pain earlier this week which was no fun.  I did some research and apparently that's fairly common in the second half of the pregnancy.  I just have to focus on my posture more and hope that it helps.  Other than that I feel great!  I've been working out more consistently and that has been helping me sleep better through the night.  I've had a few nights in the past week where I didn't have to get up until morning to use the bathroom.  I've learned to appreciate the small things, haha.
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