Thursday, November 6, 2014

Layers: Vest + Jacket

A few weeks ago we went up to NY to visit family.  The trip was great and it was the first time in years that I was up there during fall when the leaves were changing.  It was beautiful and I miss experiencing this time of year.  It was a bit colder than we were expecting, so I was glad to have the different layers to wear together to stay warm (especially since I can't zip up my jacket over my belly, haha)!  In addition to giving the outfit a fun layered look, the blue vest under the jacket also gave it another pop of color.

What I'm Wearing
Shirt - Limited
Vest - Columbia (similar)
Scarf - WHBM
Jacket - Victoria's Secret
Jeans - WHBM
Boots - Ugg
Purse - Kate Spade

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  1. You look so cute, I love all the cozy layers! I can't believe how cold it already looks there and it's like 87 degrees here haha! Adorable mama-to-be style!! :)

    1. Thanks Kristi! :) I think it was an unusually cold time in NY when we were visiting, although I heard that it has snowed recently! I love weather that's cold enough for wearing layers, but it was also nice to return to TX where it is a bit warmer (not as warm as CA tho!) :)