Monday, November 3, 2014

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 27 and 28

The weeks continue to fly by.  I'm officially in the third trimester now that I've reached 28 weeks.  I can't believe it - 2/3 of the pregnancy is already over.  I am both excited and nervous for the next 3 months.  I'm looking forward to meeting baby girl and losing the belly, but I'm anxious about how everything is going to work out.  I know it will all be fine in the end, but the unknown is a little intimidating!

I finally bought maternity jeans last weekend.  I was having a hard time finding ones that would fit my body but I finally found a couple good pairs.  Since I don't wear jeans as much, I think 2 pairs should be enough for me for the duration of the pregnancy.  They are so comfy.  My regular jeans were getting to the point that the rubber band trick wasn't as comfortable and the belly band was getting a little tight.  

Last month I bought this huge U-shaped body pillow to help me sleep on my side.  I normally sleep on my back and you can't do that after a certain point in your pregnancy.  It wasn't uncomfortable switching to my side, but sometimes I would wake up on my back and I felt like I was waking up more often during the night.  I sleep much better with the pillow.  It's so comfortable to snuggle up in it.  I'm still sleeping completely through the night for the most part and not having to get up to use the bathroom.  I'm surprised and will continue to enjoy it for as long as I can because I don't know how it will be once the baby gets bigger. 

A friend who had a baby a few months ago once commented during the last part of her pregnancy that she felt like she was an alien in her own body, like she was just along for the ride and had no control over what was happening anymore.  I'm starting to understand what she meant.  It is weird to experience all these changes that your body goes through and you really do feel like you lose control of many things, such as your expanding girth and the weird pregnancy symptoms.  Luckily I haven't had too many weird symptoms.  The only thing I really complain about is a muscle tear that I have on my right side near my ribcage.  My doctor said that it's fairly common in shorter women and it happens when your ribcage expands to make room for the baby.  Luckily it doesn't hurt too much and if I put pressure on the spot, it makes the pain go away.  It has been kind of annoying though and it won't heal until after the baby is born.  I feel like I can't really complain though since the rest of the pregnancy has been smooth sailing.

I almost forgot to mention that I passed the glucose test at my last appointment!  Woohoo, no gestational diabetes to worry about! :)

Here is what we wore for Halloween (same shirt as above).  These shirts were too adorable to pass up. :)

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