Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pregnancy Update: Week 39

This will probably be my last baby bump picture.  By 40 weeks, I will have a baby!  It is unreal that I will be holding baby girl in less than a week.  It really hasn't hit me yet.  

I saw the high-risk doctor to get one last ultrasound done to make sure baby girl was gaining enough weight (since there were those inconsistencies with the ultrasound measurements previously) and she looked good!  She was measuring to be about 6 lbs 3 oz.  That is a good size if you ask me, but the doctor was a little concerned that she is on the small side.  So she recommended that I get induced if baby girl isn't here by her due date.  I saw my regular dr today and we set the induction date for January 20th, my original due date.  

There is a decent chance baby girl might come before then.  At the end of my appointment they put 2 monitors on me.  One checked the baby's heartbeat and one measured contractions.  From what I could tell, I hadn't felt any contractions, but according to the monitors I was having fairly regular ones!  I'm glad they had me sit with the monitors so I could feel the difference in my body when it was going through a contraction.  Even though they were happening about every 5 minutes, they weren't nearly as strong as they need to be nor were they lasting very long, so it's not real labor yet! :)

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