Monday, June 9, 2014

Yellow Blazer

Hello, I hope you all had a great weekend!  Texas is known for its hot summers.  We'd been spared up through the end of May, with it being one of the first years in a long time where the temps didn't go over 90 during May.  However, once June hit, it has been another story, being consistently over 90 the past few days.  So I decided to wear the color that reminds me most of summer: yellow.  Even though it's hot outside, I usually need a blazer for the office with how cold they keep it! 

What I'm Wearing
Top ~ Limited, similar top that comes with matching shorts
Blazer ~ Limited, another option here
Jeans ~ WHBM
Shoes ~ Guess, similar (on sale)
Purse ~ Kate Spade, similar in purple plaid
Necklace ~ groopdealz, similar
Bracelet ~ Kate Spade

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  1. Yellow is absolutly your colour! You look amazing in this outfit!

  2. What a gorgeous blazer! It is perfect and screams summer! It is just wonderful for the office to add some color!


    1. Thanks Rebecca! I agree, it's great to add color to brighten up the office. :)

  3. Beautiful outfit! Love the yellow!

  4. This outfit is gorgeous! I love the color of your yellow blazer and the whole look is perfectly styled!! :)