Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Now that I'm in the home stretch of my pregnancy, I prefer to wear more casual and comfortable clothes.  Luckily maternity pants are SO comfortable.  When I don't have to dress up, I like wearing athletic wear around the house or for running errands.  I can still fit into most of my non-maternity athletic bottoms since they are more elastic in the waistband.  This is one of my fave sporty styles that I've been wearing lately on the weekends.

I bought this preggers shirt back when I first found out I was pregnant because I thought it was so cute.  Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to wear it much longer as my belly is getting too big for it (it's not a maternity shirt, which is a bit ironic, haha). :(

I just have to point out this awesome Thirty-One bag that I received from my friend Kristie!  I think I have a thing for purple plaid (it's also the print of my main suitcase that I use when I travel).  This bag is perfect for anything that you need to carry ~ I am impressed with how much it holds.  I think I may use it to carry around all the baby stuff when baby girl gets here. :)  Thirty-One bags are so versatile, come in many prints, and can be personalized!  They have a lot of cute storage and thermal options too.  

What I'm Wearing
Top ~ ILY Couture
Jacket ~ Lululemon (similar)
Pants ~ Under Armour
Sneakers ~ Asics
Bag ~ c/o Thirty-One (thanks Kristie!)
Necklace ~ Tiffany & Co.
Sunglasses ~ Emporio Armani (same style in black here)

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  1. You wear that athletic wear like a champ, girl :) Being comfortable is where it's at! How ironic that the Preggers shirt isn't maternity! Love that Thirty-One bag, too!

    1. Thanks Justine! I thought it was so funny about the preggers shirt too. I was definitely pushing it when wearing it for this post, haha. It kept inching up and showing skin. Oops! :)