Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 40 Weeks

I guess I was just joking when I said I wouldn't have an update for you this week!  Haha.  Baby girl decided she was just too cozy and didn't want to come out yet.  So, today is my original due date and also my induction date - hopefully as you read this, I will be in the hospital getting ready for baby girl's arrival!  We are so excited and cannot wait to meet her!

Marty and I both took the day off from work yesterday and enjoyed spending our last baby-free day together.  We hung out for part of the day with a couple that is really good friends of ours that are also expecting and getting induced this evening.  I have a feeling our babies will be good friends. :)

We also took a few maternity pics yesterday - our last ones with the baby bump!  Our next pictures will include our precious baby girl.

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  1. I can hardly stand it!!! The maternity pictures are adorable :)